By the age of 27, William was leading large, multi-culturally diverse teams on combat and humanitarian aid missions in the Middle East. Leveraging these experiences and his future roles within senior leadership positions, William now helps develop leaders, enhance high performing teams and build collaborative cultures through workshops and team building exercises. His leadership workshops focus on the 8 traits of leadership he has are the core foundation to effective leadership, as well as exploring the art of leading self and leading others.

His culture and team building is designed for teams of varying sizes and provides unique strategies to boost innovation, team dynamics and growth from within, to build develop and enhance the leadership and culture of teams.​ Using techniques from strategy workshops through to activities including paintball, high ropes, boot camps and outdoor excursions, William provides all aspects required to build and develop teams for the future of your organisation.

William's workshops can be delivered virtually or face to face depending on your needs or health restrictions so book now to continue the leadership development journey and optimise your teams performance and cultural.

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