Regardless of whether you are in the c-suite of a multi national organisation wanting to brush up on your conflict negotiation skills, or an emerging leader looking to understand the fundamentals of high performing teams or how to communicate with impact, William provides a complete suite of coaching opportunities that will assist your leadership style.

Leveraging his experiences on the battlefield and blending them with his time in the public and private sector, William has a variety of insights and guidance that has been gained by learning lessons the hard way over the course of his career. Adopting the words of Colin Powell, that effective leaders are made not born, William has worked with individuals across the leadership spectrum to coach and develop their own skill set by reflecting on their experiences to shape their growth.

As an individual who had only led his school rugby team in one game (that they lost) prior to taking command of his first team of 30 soldiers as a 23 year old, William knows first hand the challenges that new leaders can face. Similarly as an experienced officer coordinating a multi-national workforce of over 1000 troops in the Middle East, William has experienced how difficult it can be to adapt your style of leadership when the environment and team are continually evolving.


If you feel you could benefit from exploring your own experiences to enhance your leadership style; learn a few new techniques to manage culturally complex teams; or better understand how to achieve the most out of your high (or low) performing teams, do not hesitate to reach out for a conversation.




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